How to Start Writing Your First Book

How to get started writing my book - Tia Ross Editorial
"I want to write a book. How do I get started? Do you have any suggestions, tips or tools you could share with me?" These are, by far, the questions I'm asked most. Most newbies start with this vision of themselves holding a published book with their name on it. They may picture themselves signing copies of their book at a book signing. Some may [...]

A Tia Sighting in THE FREELANCER!

Tia Ross EFA Freelancer
Imagine my surprise upon checking the mail today and seeing my face in the Editorial Freelancers Association's newsletter! The Dallas/Fort Worth Writers Conference was a great event — enjoyed it so much that I don't remember taking this photo. [...]

The Amazing Editing Sale

Tia Ross Editorial Editing Sale
With 2018 almost upon us, most writers are thinking about writing goals for the new year. At the top of many lists is the ultimate goal: to publish a book! If yours is to finish writing your book and get it published in the new year, here's an editing sale that will offer you some extra motivation. IS 2018 GOING TO BE THE YEAR THAT YOU FINALLY PUBLISH [...]

Tia Ross Joins Board of Editorial Freelancers Association

Tia Ross - Editorial Freelancers Association
New York, NY—June 22, 2017—Editorial Freelancers Association ("EFA") today announced that Tia Ross, founder of Tia Ross Editorial, has been elected to its Board of Governors as Member-at-Large. Tia Ross is a pioneer in the literary services community. She began freelance editing in 1986 and opened her first freelance editing services firm in [...]

Tia Ross Featured in NaNoWriMo Blog

Tia Ross & National Novel Writing Month
National Novel Writing Month Interview with Tia Ross of Black Writers Events We feel so lucky that NaNoWriMo has such an amazing creative community of writers–and we feel even luckier when our participants are involved in other writing communities, activities, and groups! Today, we’ve interviewed Tia Ross, co-founder of Writeful Places and Black [...]

Guess Who’s Coming to WriterCon?

Tia Ross, Editor - Editorial Freelancers Association - DFW WriterCon Writers Conference
I was so excited to learn that Editorial Freelancers Association-North Texas Chapter will have a presence at the 10th DFW WriterCon Writers Conference, which is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas. I'll be representing our chapter at the EFA booth in the exhibitors hall and sharing information on how to become a freelance editor as well as [...]

Come See Me At WordFest 2017!

Wordfest 2017
I'm thrilled to announce that Editorial Freelancers Association will have a presence at WordFest 2017! The event is taking place April 8th at Tarrant County College - Northeast Campus in Hurst, Texas, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. I'll be representing the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of EFA at our booth along with other editors from our chapter, so please stop [...]

Writing Progress Meters

Professional Freelance Editing & Proofreading Services - Tia Ross Editorial
Progress meters can be immensely useful motivational tools. You can use them to track and display your word count as you work toward completion of a manuscript, screenplay, dissertation, thesis, or any other lengthy document. These meters are mostly free, easy to set up, update and read. Some display your current and target word counts plus the percentage [...]

Tia Ross, Renaissance Woman

Tia Ross
Originally published at Tia Ross, founder and director of Black Writers Events, was recently featured among Women Making History in honor of Women’s History month. In this insightful interview with Jeanette Hill, the discussion focuses on her work with and future plans for Black Writers Reunion & Conference, Black Writers [...]
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