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Publishers Weekly Gives “My” Black Sci-Fi Short Stories Anthology Starred Review

Publishers Weekly Gives "My" Black SciFi Short Stories Anthology Starred Review

Publishers Weekly posted a starred review of the forthcoming Black Sci-Fi Short Stories anthology with which I was involved last year (publ. June 2021). Apparently, this feat is quite rare! It’s beyond thrilling for me to see this book and the work of my colleagues praised in this way.

However, PW totally “revised” my actual title, embellished my role, and gave me far more credit than I earned. I was not the “Editor” but the “Associate Editor.” I did not commission the authors or “bring together” selected pieces. I was merely a member of a team of the beautiful minds behind this project who honored me with the opportunity to play a small role in bringing it to life.

Now that I’ve clarified that, I can say I am immensely proud of the amazing Flame Tree team and this project! I’m grateful for the opportunity to have Black Writers Collective associated with this book and to have lent input on the submissions we received. What an exceptional first anthology to have my name attached to!
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