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When you’re too close to your words, you tend to see what you think you wrote rather than what’s actually there. With me as your editor, you won’t need to worry or feel insecure about publishing or distributing material with errors, distracting your audience from your message or ideas and damaging your credibility.

Copyediting, also referred to as mechanical editing, involves the consistent application of a particular style to a written work based on rules of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, abbreviations, treatment of numbers, and punctuation, including ellipsis points, em dashes, quotation marks, and apostrophes. It also includes fact-checking when necessary.

Grammar Queen

Copyediting Services

Polish – I’ll make sure your words convey with style every time. That means removing typos, fixing sentence structure, establishing better transitions between paragraphs, and eliminating redundancies.

Clarity – A lack of clarity could cost you a potential customer or an important deal. Clarity is my number one goal as your editor. I’ll make sure you’re speaking the language of your audience so they understand what you’re trying to say from start to finish.

Credibility – When people find your publications, documents, or digital content, clear and easy to read, they’ll feel more confident about doing business with you—even if they’re just researching at this point. Your fiction and creative nonfiction will be devoid of distracting errors that can cost you readers.


Your business communications are your company's face. You cannot afford to publish or distribute materials that represent your business without running it by a skilled editor. I've worked with every type of business and legal document and can ensure your content, style, and format exude excellence.


My technical copyediting services include creating or applying a house style to technical documents, guides, tutorials, manuals, white papers, procedures, FAQs, knowledge base/online help, APIs, SPKs, specifications, and other documents that are technical in nature.

Digital Content

Your digital content must represent you or your company and brand in a way that reflects quality and professionalism and boosts credibility. It can't do that if it's riddled with embarrassing typos, grammatical, spelling, and other errors.

Business, technical & digital content copyediting includes:

In addition to the above, copyediting of fiction and nonfiction also includes:​

Copyediting does NOT include:

Note to production editors/publishing houses: In lieu of submitting an estimate request via my form, please feel welcome to email me at email (at) tiarosseditor.com.

What My Clients Say

Praise for my work

Before I met Tia, trying to find an editor I could build a relationship with that understood my projects and maintaining my voice as a writer was a nightmare. Not only did Tia improve the readability of my book with her precise attention to detail and word usage, she helped me to identify my most common writing errors and taught me how to correct them.​
Ashley Sauls

Tia Ross came highly recommended from a masterful writer who is among my favorite authors. Tia is not only a superb editor, but her writing coaching skills are beyond an appropriated definition. She takes your writing product and provides direct and honest feedback. While not just performing skilled editing work, she equally teaches you how to write more effectively. My only regret is not meeting Tia before 2016. Tia is now my only editing source and road map that I follow as I continue to write. Tia Ross is the best of the best!

Clemon Maddox
I’m so glad I came across Ms. Tia Ross during my editor search. She transformed my manuscript into a work of art. With patience, great communication, and clear instructions, she guided me along the way making my project publishing ready. I am extremely impressed and satisfied. I’ve found an editor for life! 
Lou Black
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