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Request an Estimate and Sample Edit

Thank you for your interest in working with me as your editor. I offer free estimates and consultations provided some key information is supplied with your request. I make it easy for you to check with me for quotes and availability. Simply fill out the two-step form below. If your project is a good fit for me, I will send you a proposal. That’s it! It’s that simple.

Please note my editorial calendar is usually booked 2-3 months in advance, and I edit for major publishers with short deadlines, so I cannot often accommodate turnaround of large projects (more than 70K words) with short deadlines (under three weeks). Please review the relevant section below for details pertaining to your project and minimum turnarounds upon submitting an estimate request.

What I Need From You

I’ll be delighted to respond to your quote request, but I’ll need your help to make this as efficient as possible. Here’s what to send me along with the information required on my form. And remember to include the total word count, if that information is available.

I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the courtesy of previewing the material you need edited if you will simply include the NDA with a link for digital signing along with your initial inquiry.

Send me a sample page or two from your business or nonprofit project. 

Send a file transfer or cloud-sharing link to the full project, if possible.

Send the URL and include a guest login if the site is inaccessible to the public. 

Send me your excerpt of up to 5,000 words and your absolute deadline, if you have one.

Include your synopsis and the first two chapters. Be sure to choose a representative section that includes dialogue. If you can also send a chapter from the middle, please do. If you refuse to submit an excerpt, I must decline to bid on your project.

Note: I do not work with erotica, LGBTQ, racism, or heavy religious fiction.

Please send the first three chapters along with a synopsis or book summary and your goal for your book. If you can also send a chapter from the middle, please do. If you refuse to submit an excerpt, I must decline to bid on your project.

Note: I do not work with political science, erotica, LGBTQ, racism, religion, science, medical, or psychology.

Send your full file or the first 15 pages in Final Draft, PDF or Word.

I do not edit poetry in any form. Contact Meisha Mayo at pen2papereditorial.com.


What's a realistic deadline?

I frequently receive requests with deadlines that simply aren’t doable, even if I could start editing immediately. This table offers a guide to the MINIMUM amount of time you should allow for copyediting along with your review of my edits. These do not factor in any line editing, which you can obviously expect to require more time.

This is not an indication of exactly how long your edits will take. It is merely a baseline standard for you to use in determining whether your deadline is realistic. I may be working your project in among other projects and other factors, so your projected turnaround will be based solely on my availability. You should never assume your document will be edited any sooner than these minimums.

Minimum seven weeks

Minimum six weeks

Minimum five weeks

Minimum four weeks

Minimum three weeks

Minimum two weeks

One to ten days

Submit Your Estimate Request

If the timelines above suit your needs, click the button below to describe your project and upload an excerpt. An excerpt is required for fiction and nonfiction only. You will receive an automated response which details my quoting process. If you do not receive it, contact me to ensure your email address was entered correctly. If you would like a sample edit, please indicate when describing your project. 

Be sure to allow 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS to receive your estimate.