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Welcome! My name is Tia, and I am a freelance editor with specialties in literature, business, information science, and information technology. Originally from Los Angeles, California, with French Creole ancestry, I have spent the past several years touring the world and embracing balance of life and work as a digital nomad. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Technology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University. I also have associate degrees in software and database programming and technical writing.

With a seasoned career interwoven with the rich tapestries of historical narratives and the exploratory essence of travel nonfiction, my editorial journey is marked by prestigious collaborations with major publishers and an early commendation as one of Writer’s Digest’s top book doctors. My forté lies in refining historical and mainstream fiction, as well as self-help and travel nonfiction, with a commitment that has seen clients return for my editorial insight for decades. Editing isn’t just my profession; it’s my gateway to being part of literary artistry, to contributing to the realization of publishing dreams—and this blessing is one I cherish deeply. Your narrative is a personal venture, and your triumph in the literary world is a testament to our shared dedication.

Embarking on an editorial venture with me is to experience a dual-phase immersion into the soul of your manuscript. The initial reading constructs a personalized style guide, weaving consistency into your narrative’s fabric. My second reading is where the finesse of line and copy-editing takes center stage—hone your syntax, elevate clarity, and polish each sentence until it gleams with your unique voice, all while keeping you engaged and informed. I believe in mentoring as much as editing, providing you with insights and rationales behind each tweak, turning our collaboration into an enriching writing masterclass. Post-edit, you’ll find me just a message away, ready to illuminate any lingering queries and to unfurl my network of resources to guide your journey. As a token of our partnership, I extend complimentary editorial services for your book’s ancillary content—because your story’s presentation should be as compelling as its contents. Let’s not just edit; let’s enlighten and inspire together, one word at a time.


Founder & Managing Director, Black Editors & Proofreaders Directory

Publications Committee, Editorial Freelancers Association

Conference Planning Consultant, EFACON 2018-2023, Editorial Freelancers Association

Co-Chairperson, EFACON 2019 Chicago

Mentor, Professional Editors Network

Mentor, The Young Writers Initiative

Accountability Coach, Black Writers Collective

Member, Independent Book Publishers Association

Member, Women’s National Book Association


Provide the highest quality editorial services while helping to improve clients’ writing and communication skills through insightful editorial feedback


To enrich the written works crafted by professionals whose brilliance is merely amplified by the application of editorial style


Commitment to honesty, truth, integrity and transparency in all personal and professional business dealings

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