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Tia Ross, Editor, Coach, EntrepreneurI’ve been a writer since age 10 and a freelance and professional editor since high school when, at 16 years young, I was editing papers for fellow students and correspondence for United States military recruiters. Since then, I’ve polished millions of pages from all types of projects.

For thirty years, I have been providing both in-house and remote editorial support to lawyers, corporate executives, government agencies, small businesses, engineering firms, project managers, consultants, marketing gurus, professors, and authors. I edit and proofread business, legal, and technical documents, website and digital content (such as blogs, wikis, knowledge base systems, FAQs, online help, online course transcripts, social media posts, and e-zines), marketing copy, print publications, business plans, annual reports, presentations, articles, and fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and galleys. 

I have an AA in professional and technical writing, an AAS in computer science, a BS in information science, and a collection of certificates and certifications that include digital and computer forensics, Lean Six Sigma, project management, ITIL, and database and software programming and development. Although I’m well-versed in all popular style manuals, my tools of choice include Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Style Manual, and The Blue Book.
As your editor, I believe my mission is to maintain your voice while enhancing your delivery, clarifying your ideas, eliminating redundancies, and ensuring consistency. What I won’t do is edit YOU out of YOUR own words.

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Provide the highest quality editorial services while helping to improve clients’ writing and communication skills through insightful editorial feedback


To enrich the written works crafted by professionals whose brilliance is merely amplified by the application of editorial style


Commitment to honesty, truth, integrity and transparency in all personal and professional business dealings

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