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Before I met Tia, trying to find an editor I could build a relationship with that understood my projects and maintaining my voice as a writer was a nightmare. Not only did Tia improve the readability of my book with her precise attention to detail and word usage, she helped me to identify my most common writing errors and taught me how to correct them.
Ashley Sauls  Ashley Sauls
I love how Tia's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read! I appreciated how she never made me feel like "just a client." I felt like she was more of a partner due to her warm, inviting spirit and her dedication to my book's success. It was as if we knew each other personally.
Trish Hill - Business owner, stylist, author, speaker  Trish Hill - Business owner, stylist, author, speaker
Multi-tasking is Tia's special skill, and although she wears many hats, she does it all with quality and competence. She is also kind, gracious, and responsive -- which I appreciate in a colleague/mentor -- and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. I've encountered many shady individuals in the publishing biz, who are just out to make money off of naive, aspiring authors, but Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.
Steph Casher  Steph Casher
I met Tia nearly two decades ago where she and I were two of few women working in the male-dominated area of web design. As the saying goes…birds of a feather. During subsequent years, I have had both the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. If you know Tia, you know she not only wears many hats, she wears them well. She is an accomplished web designer, event planner, project manager, copy editor and philanthropist. Tia is recognized in the literary community as a person who gets things done. Tia has put so many authors on the right track to getting their books published and sold! Any organization would benefit by having Tia Ross as a team member. She is professionalism personified. I am honored to recommend Tia, and you would be fortunate to have her work with your organization.
Pam Walker-Williams  Pam Walker-Williams
As a beginning writer, I'd heard several scary stories about editing services and was a bit leery with whom I trusted with my work. I also wanted an editor that truly understood African-American writing. Tia proved to be a valuable resource for me, as well as a one-stop shop for other literary services, including career advisement, help with finding an agent and information about publishing houses and printers. Her eagle eye has saved me much embarrassment! I can't believe the mistakes I missed even after reading my work myself numerous times before sending it to Tia.
Jessica Mims  Jessica Mims
Tia brings a wealth of talents to the table. Foremost is her professionalism and eye for details. From my earliest interactions with Tia Ross that date back to the late ‘90s, she has demonstrated tenacity, great technical skills and the aptitude to get the job done.
Memphis Vaughan, Jr. - Founder of TimBookTu.com  Memphis Vaughan, Jr. - Founder of TimBookTu.com
A manuscript is an investment. It is a statement forever attributable to your name. After you have slaved over it, sweated over it and prayed over it, the last thing you need is mediocre editing. Tia transformed my manuscript from a diamond in the rough to a polished gem.
Jamellah Ellis, author and attorney  Jamellah Ellis, author and attorney
I hereby crown Tia Ross 'Grammar Queen.' Her copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, her straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of her acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.
Yolanda C. Brooks  Yolanda C. Brooks
Thank you for being my editor. I only wish that I had met you sooner. I was impressed by the depth of your edit. You pointed out things that made me want to hit myself in the hand, wondering why I did that.
Natasha Usher  Natasha Usher
Tia is gifted with talents and abilities that take her seamlessly from working with many of us in creative arts directly into the business world. Her skills in project management, organization, web content strategies and social media integration have assisted many of us in transitioning from 'just' writers to entrepreneurs.
Jeanette W. Hill - Director & Playwright  Jeanette W. Hill - Director & Playwright
The service that I have received from Tia has been incredible and cost-effective with superb efficiency and fast project turnarounds. I sincerely TRUST her and, under her guidance and professional expertise, have seen a vast improvement in my writing. Tia really cares about developing and furthering the literary careers of her clients.
Erika McCarden  Erika McCarden
Tia is an exceptional technical writer and people person. She is also an excellent resource and a pleasure to work with.
Demetrius Nelon, Amazon  Demetrius Nelon, Amazon
I have had the pleasure of working with Tia Ross over the years, and I quickly realized that she is the true definition of 'subject matter expert' in all of her industries. She takes a consultative approach and leaves no room for errors, challenging her clients to be the best they can be while educating through the process.
C. Mikki Dawson - Author, Director & Filmmaker  C. Mikki Dawson - Author, Director & Filmmaker
I found the work performed on my manuscript to be extremely helpful and professional, and it demonstrated insight only gained from a seasoned editor.
Clifton Weaver  Clifton Weaver
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