Meticulous clarity. Consummate style.

Tia Ross Editorial

Writing with clarity is a “gift.”

That’s why true professionals choose me when they seek to fine-tune their words.

You want your writing to be noticed for your ideas, not your mistakes. Typos, poor grammar, redundancies, spelling mistakes, improper punctuation and faulty layout can destroy your credibility.

When your writing plays a key role in your success, you can't afford to leave accuracy or clarity to chance nor to appear unconcerned with its quality. Since 1995 I've enhanced the words of thousands of writers. Meticulous clarity and consummate style are my trademarks. Send me your writing for a FREE editing sample.

Amazing Service

I love how Tia's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read! I appreciated how she never made me feel like "just a client." I felt like she was more of a partner due to her warm, inviting spirit and her dedication to my book's success. It was as if we knew each other personally.

Trish Hill, CEO, stylist, author, speaker

Impeccable Attention to Detail

Before I met Tia, trying to find an editor I could build a relationship with that understood my projects and maintaining my voice as a writer was a nightmare. Not only did Tia improve the readability of my book with her precise attention to detail and word usage, she helped me to identify my most common writing errors and taught me how to correct them.

Ashley Sauls

More Than I Expected

As a beginning writer, I'd heard several scary stories about editing services and was a bit leery with whom I trusted with my work. I also wanted an editor that truly understood African-American writing. Tia proved to be a valuable resource for me, as well as a one-stop shop for other literary services, including career advisement, help with finding an agent and information about publishing houses and printers. Her eagle eye has saved me much embarrassment! I can't believe the mistakes I missed even after reading my work myself numerous times before sending it to Tia.

Jessica Mims

Vast Experience

Tia's diverse experience has given her exposure to a wide variety of editorial styles and developed her ability to employ a consistent editorial tone, style and structure appropriate to each audience.

Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes, Former Director-MFA Program in Creative Writing & Professor at Arizona State Univ.

Grammar Queen

I hereby crown Tia Ross 'Grammar Queen.' Her copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, her straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of her acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.

Yolanda C. Brooks

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