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In the meantime, here's a brief introduction to Tia Ross Editorial.

Meticulous Clarity. Consummate Style.

Need a skilled editor for your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, business report or technical documentation?
Looking for an expert to edit your website content without first exporting it to Word or any other document format?
Want an experienced technical writer on your team?


Focuses on standardizing your grammar, spelling, punctuation, numerals, capitalization and other mechanics of style


Clarifying meaning while enhancing your distinct style and unique voice, eliminating jargon and adjusting and smoothing transitions, syntax and flow


Ensures complex technical processes are depicted clearly and vividly and that all text, graphics and illustrations are relevant and easy to understand


Comprehensive quality-control checking of typeset copy for print or production

  • Why you should work with me

    I have 20+ years' experience in the publishing industry as an editor.
    I know when to look at the big picture and when to focus on the minute details.
    I take advantage of opportunities to teach you to strengthen weaknesses in your writing, rather than simply fix them for you.
    I communicate with you throughout the project.
    I speak the language on technical projects, with a background that includes multiple technical degrees and certifications plus years of web, database and software development experience.

Books I've Edited

A small selection...


Tia's diverse experience has given her exposure to a wide variety of editorial styles and developed her ability to employ a consistent editorial tone, style and structure appropriate to each audience.

Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes, author, Former Director of the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing, and Professor of Creative Writing and American Literature at Arizona State University
Top 37 book doctors in the U.S.

'Top 37 book doctors in the U.S.'

Writer's Digest magazine
Tia Ross, Talented Nonfiction Book Editor

I love how Tia's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read! I appreciated how she never made me feel like "just a client." I felt like she was more of a partner due to her warm, inviting spirit and her dedication to my book's success. It was as if we knew each other personally.

Trish Hill, CEO, stylist, author, speaker

I hereby crown Tia Ross 'Grammar Queen.' Her copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, her straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of her acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.

Yolanda C. Brooks

As a beginning writer, I'd heard several scary stories about editing services and was a bit leery with whom I trusted with my work. I also wanted an editor that truly understood African-American writing. Tia proved to be a valuable resource for me, as well as a one-stop shop for other literary services, including career advisement, help with finding an agent and information about publishing houses and printers. Her eagle eye has saved me much embarrassment! I can't believe the mistakes I missed even after reading my work myself numerous times before sending it to Tia.

Jessica Mims

Get help from a real editor

  • Professional, worry-free and thorough editorial process
    Confidence that your manuscript or document is in safe and capable hands
    Assurance that your work is free from grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors
    Consistency, conciseness and clarity in your work
    Improve your writing as you learn through my edits how to strengthen your weaknesses
    Polishing of your words without sacrificing your personal or corporate style
    Enhanced productivity — peace of mind so that you can focus on your next book or other projects
    Pricing per project (versus per hour, word or page) and flexible payment terms

Types of Projects


Instruction manuals
Operating instructions
Product descriptions
White papers
Quick start guides
Workshop literature
Knowledge Base & Online Help


Event literature
Reports and proposals
Legal documents
Website content
Blog posts
Marketing literature


General nonfiction
Magazine articles
Memoirs & biographies

Fiction (>50K words)

Novellas & short stories
Women's fiction
Mythology & mythopoeia
Folklore & fantasy

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Send a description of your project along with a sample of the work, the total word count and your requested deadline.