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Throughout this companion site for So You Want to Be an Editor . . . But Can You Edit? are tons of tools and resources to help you to assess your editing skill level, identify and level up any weaknesses, determine what type of training programs would best suit you, and locate editor training programs. You’ll find links to workbooks and study guides, reference manuals, pointers to help you locate mentors and coaches, a guide to working with me as your coach, and other information you might find useful.

Hundreds of downloadable or interactive editing and proofreading worksheets and quizzes to choose from. Assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you can study or practice to improve in areas that need more focused attention.

Must-have style guides along with the best books and workbooks on the art, craft, and business of editing. Design your own self-study course with selections from these guides.


Find certificate and degree programs, courses, and other recognized training and instruction.

Is finding a mentor on your wish list? Find one from among over a dozen organizations dedicated to supporting editors and nurturing our businesses.

Where to get
professional editing experience when you have none.

Tia's Coaching Programs

Get one-on-one or group coaching from a veteran editor.

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