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Tia Ross Joins the New Koindanomics Magazine as Editor-in-Chief

When I was approached to join the team of Koindanomics Magazine as Editor-in-Chief, my interest was immediately piqued. A venture with a susu USP dedicated to educating, enlightening, and empowering the Black community to focus on financial stability and growth? No boring, irrelevant celebrity gossip? No features on athletes’ lifestyles and behaviors? No reporting on the neverending racial injustices our people suffer, politics, or any of the sensationalized stories that distract many within our community from focusing on important economic topics and discussions?

That’s so right up my alley!

Koindanomics-Issue1Koindanomics Magazine is created to give readers the formulas, systems, and processes that will allow them to jump income classes, promote economic sovereignty, and build wealth. It’s refreshingly different, offering in-depth guidance and information our community needs in language we can understand, use, and convert to knowledge to benefit ourselves and generations to come.

Get introduced via the video below, check out the website, read the amazing content in the first issue, and meet the team.

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