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Fiction & Nonfiction Editing

For fiction and nonfiction, I offer four types of services: line editing, copyediting, sensitivity/authenticity reading, and proofreading.

Line Editing

Line editing focuses on your writing style—pacing, flow, voice, language, sentence structure, dialogue, inconsistencies, redundancies, and readability.


  • Spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, hyphenation, numerals, abbreviations, acronyms, and capitalization
  • Accuracy of chapter numbers and cross-references to figures, tables, illustrations, and other displayed material
  • Insertion of or notation of missing words
  • Headings and text reflect parallel structure
  • Consistency of key terms and thoroughness of indexes
  • Continuity of plot, setting, and character traits in fiction
  • Flagging of ambiguous, cliché, or incorrect statements

Editing Packages

My editing packages include:

  • Two editorial passes of your manuscript
  • In-manuscript comments/line edits querying the author about conflicting statements, plot, character, or world-building issues
  • Extensive in-manuscript copyedits using Chicago Manual of Style guidelines
  • Style sheet with word use/character/timeline notes, as applicable
  • One revision round for your cover copy

Sensitivity/Authenticity Reading

I will perform a substantive reading of your manuscript to evaluate representation of identities or experiences pertaining to my specific areas of first-hand expertise. My report will address offensive content, cultural appropriation, misrepresentation, stereotypes, bias, or lack of understanding, etc. and outline any issues found along with possible solutions to fix them.


  • Science fiction
  • Speculative/fantasy
  • Mythology
  • Suspense
  • – Mystery
  • – Thriller
  • – Crime/detective
  • Espionage
  • African-American
  • Historical
  • Mainstream
  • Memoir
  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Self-help
  • How-to
  • Reference

Add-On Services

Cleanup Editing

Cleanup editing is an add-on service that incorporates the author’s responses to queries.

Book Cover Editing

Your book cover must quickly capture your audience’s attention with short, succinct, error-free copy about you and your book. Cover copyediting is included with manuscript editing services. It can also be requested as an add-on service in conjunction with a proofreading project.

What's Not Included

My services do not include addresses issues related to elements that fall under developmental editing:
  • Marketability
  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Plot Structure
  • Character Development
  • Story Development
If your manuscript needs organizational, structural, or other substantive or developmental editing attention, I can refer you to colleagues for assistance.

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