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Provide the highest quality editorial services while helping to improve clients’ writing and communication skills through insightful editorial feedback


To enrich the written works crafted by professionals whose brilliance is merely amplified by the application of editorial style


Commitment to honesty, truth, and integrity in all personal and professional business dealings

Since 1986

I’ve moonlighted as a writer and editor since high school, when I was editing papers for fellow students and correspondence for the United States military. Since then, I’ve polished hundreds of thousands of pages from all types of projects.

For thirty years, I’ve been providing both in-house and remote editorial support to lawyers, corporate executives, government agencies, small businesses, engineering firms, project managers, consultants, marketing gurus, professors, and authors. I edit and proofread business, legal, and technical documents, website and digital content, marketing copy, charts, print publications, business plans, annual reports, presentations, articles, blogs, social media posts, fiction, and nonfiction. My purpose is to clarify your thoughts, eliminate redundancies, and ensure consistency while polishing your words and ideas to perfection, ridding your materials of embarrassing, misleading, or potentially harmful errors.

Tia Ross, Editor
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