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You've completed your screenplay or script and are ready to send it out. Or are you? Have you ensured it's free of errors before submitting it to producers, agents or contests? Embarrassing typos, sloppy formatting and stiff, flat prose can leave your reader with a low opinion of both you and your work.

So how do you recover from a poor first impression? You avoid creating it in the first place.

Don't give script readers a reason to stop skimming your script on page 1, 3, 7 or 9. Send me your screenplay or play script before you send it out. I'll peruse it line by line, ensuring your sentences and dialogue are concise and clear and your grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and usage are polished and error-free. As an added service, I can also includes tightening scene descriptions and smoothing dialogue .

I offer fast, efficient and reliable service at competitive rates. I can edit or proof your script in Final Draft using Revisions Mode so you can see the changes, in Rich Text Format (RTF) or in MIcrosoft Word using Track Changes.

When submitting your order, please enter the number of pages in the "Note to Editor" section. Turnaround time is generally 7-14 days from commencement of the work but depends on the length of the script. Rush service is also available.

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