Why Hire Me

I know what you’re looking for in a freelance editor.

When I was a project manager for a technical communications agency, I hired freelancers. It proved difficult to find the level of quality and reliability needed, and I'd often end up either handling projects myself to meet deadlines or using the same handful of freelancers repeatedly.

You want an editor who will bring more to your project than requisite experience and meticulous attention to detail. Here’s what I offer to you and your project.

A Learning Experience

By working with me, you'll get the distance and impartial objectivity you need to take your work to the next level. You'll grow as a writer by my identifying your weaknesses and offering you meaningful feedback on exactly how to strengthen them.

Analytical Approach

If the tires on your car are constantly going flat, you don’t simply re-inflate them day after day. Editing works the same way. It wouldn't make sense to focus on spelling and punctuation if a manuscript has underlying critical problems that need addressing, such as structural flaws, logic gaps and faulty dialogue.

That's why I don’t gloss over manuscripts or offer one-rate-fits-all estimates. During the editing process I scrutinize every single word and its context, placement and connotations. I consider the significance of every sentence and paragraph as well as the organization of topics, ideas and phrasing.

My goal is not to revise to make your manuscript reflect my writing style but to enhance your style and ensure your message is expressed with your unique voice.


I’ve been editing fiction and nonfiction — creative, traditional and technical — book manuscripts for nearly two decades. My years as a technical writer taught me how to explain concepts clearly and accurately without patronizing the reader or “dumbing down” the content. Before my 10-year anniversary as a freelance editor, I was named one of the top 37 book doctors in the U.S. in a Writer's Digest Magazine publication for my line and developmental editing work with both fiction and nonfiction. I have the depth of experience and the in-depth style knowledge you need from your editor to put your work through the proper paces.

Technical Expertise

At times writers are unsure of how to make Microsoft Word and other word processing programs do what they want. It can be tricky to modify and apply styles correctly for consistent formatting, get headers and footers to stay in place, and keep lines of text together or insert page breaks where you want them to be.

I can return your document to you in impeccable condition. I'm a master at document formatting, with advanced technical skills in Microsoft styles and macros that help me to make your document do exactly what I want it to do and implement changes quickly and accurately. I'm also adept at and have installations of numerous other word processing programs, so it's unlikely I'll be unable to work with you if your manuscript isn't in Word.

Make You Look Good

You will look more qualified and professional if your readers don’t see any typos, inconsistent characterization, redundancies and factually incorrect statements. They'll be able to better appreciate your skill as a writer when reading your work if they're not distracted by improper pronouns, misplaced dialogue tags, misused words, etc.

Respectful Feedback

What good is a great editor if she's difficult to work with or criticizes your work harshly? I'm a writer as well, so I know how to convey constructive criticism with kindness and respect.

Ready to Work With Me?

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