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Tia Ross

Tia Ross

Editor Extraordinaire

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I've moonlighted as a writer and editor since high school, when I was editing papers for fellow students. Since then, I've polished hundreds of thousands of pages for corporations across countless industries, government entities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and authors of fiction and nonfiction (both creative and traditional).

An early passion for computer technology and the internet led to teaching myself to code. Mix a writing degree with a couple of computer science degrees and throw in a hacker certification and a few programming diplomas, and you get me: an editor who's a real techie.

When I'm not editing (or studying), you can either find me on my Specialized road bike or curled up with my fuzzy blanket watching Jason Statham or Marvel movies.

No coffee for me, thanks. Just pass me my yoga mat.

"Top 37 Book Doctors in the U.S."
Writer's Digest Magazine  Writer's Digest Magazine


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